Thursday, 21 April 2016

There is long Holiday during the end of this March. One is for HOLI, next day is GOOD FRIDAY, and Saturday, Sunday. Annual examination is over and Parliamentary session is over too. My youngest daughter is insisting me to avail the opportunity as almost all of her friends have gone out of the city. So, I felt, not to be so much cruel over her for the sake of financial condition. I decided to have a trip to Hanol, Uttarakhand. I have read about this place several times through internet, and each time the desire remained as only desire on various grounds. The route is very simple: Delhi - Karnaaaal ( I shall explain later, why I have added so many 'a' here)- Yamuna Nagar - Jagadhri - Paonta Sahib - Vikash Nagar- Naugaon - Purola- Mori - Hanol.

After a quick discussion over phone with my wife and daughter to pack, I returned my residence a little early and started for Hanol at 3 PM. I came out of Delhi easily within 30 minutes, which really a very difficult job, as it was noon and the people who wanted to enjoy the 4 day vacation, have already left for their destination. Delhi to Karnal is a very smooth journey as it is a 4-lane wide smooth road (NH-1), from Karnal we took right turn towards Yamuna Nagar. Though smooth but there is no divider, speeding vehicles from opposite direction, will really make you nervous!! A sugarcane fresh juice vendor extracting fresh juice by the side of the road, made us thirsty and stopped for a while to taste the sweetness of the local sugarcane. I decided to exchange my seat with my wife, as she is tired now driving for almost 3 hours at a stretch. "Baba, do we have some first aid?" I jumped down from the driving seat, hearing this word from my daughter. What happened? "Some nail over the road has pierced through my shoe and bleeding." I rushed again to the juice vendor, if he has any thing anti-septic. Thank god! He offered me some chun (Wet Lime). The nail was from some vehicle, so She should be injected with Antititanus injection at the nearest town. We found a traffic jam entering Yamuna Nagar as there was Mela beside a Gurudwara, the traffic were moving slowly. I stopped in front of  a chemist shop and asked for the injection. He provided me the ampule and the disposable syringe at just Rs. 10 and asked me to get injected from the doctor beside his chemist shop. The doctor was an aged kind person, but my daughter was reluctant to take it. Seeing her, the doctor played a trick, he told her take it within a second, or he will plaster her legs, showing some wet plaster of Paris, perhaps made for treatment for some other patient. LOL. The doctor finished his job silently now!! I asked for the payment but surprisingly he told me " Look she is like my grand-daughter! The God has given me enough, no need to pay for this little job" I was numbed! He could easily claimed some, as we are outsider. God is great! After crossing Jagadhri, the lush green wheat field, shaded by long slim woody trees on the boundaries of these fields made us remind about the trip of Kashmir. My wife was asking me to stop at some place to take some snap, so that we can compare later the difference between the Kashmir and this place. When we crossed the Yamuna river a Paonta Sahib, the sky is flooded with full moon light.

Decoration of lighting on Gurudwara Paonta Sahib.

Darkness engulfs Hilly road quickly. I had one contact for Hanol, Mr. Rakesh of Purola village, who advised me to take our dinner at Vikash Nagar as after that, there will be no road side hotel and possibility of having closed because of night. The next day is HOLI and in Hill there will be no road services even local villagers may not let us go through the road. We were now really afraid, my wife began to pray to our only rescuer Lord Krishna silently. And magically we found a beautiful place to have our dinner. The Hotel owner and his wife themselves manages and cooks the food for the customers with their nice hospitality. " You must be Bengali!! Sure" LOL. I asked how they could identify? "Among the mad peoples in India, Bengalis are in the Top position. Driving in such remote hilly new road in such a darkness, can only be done by mad people. You should take rest and start your journey early in the morning". Convinced and getting such a compliment, we decided for the night stay. But first we should take the dinner. Completed our dinner with Roti, two vegetable curries, Butter, Rice, Dal (lentil soup) etc. Our night stay till 2/30 AM was very pleasant as the Hotel was newly built and very neat and clean.

Owner of the Hotel,

Listening to the silence of night and crickets call, I could not recall, when I slipped in the world of dream. I woke up suddenly and found it is already 8 AM, asking the Hotel owner and his wife what could be done now!! We can not proceed more as today is HOLI (Festival of colours) and roads are blocked. To my dismay, they suggested us to play Holi with them and enjoy the day. My foot, I have wasted money, played tricks to leave my office early, my wife drove almost 250 Km alone for playing HOLI here!! I was really upset. "Eii Uthe poro!! Eii woke up. woke up. it is already 2/45!" my wife pushing me!!!!!  Oh! I was dreaming then!!!
We got ready in just 15 minutes in a war time swiftness. And left for Hanol. Perhaps not a single creature is awake except we three and may be the ghosts living in the forest are waiting for their haunts. My daughter asking me in a frightened voice " Baba, jungle theke kono Bhut ba Bagh ber hoye asbe naa to? (Dad is there any possibility of appearance of a tiger or ghost from the forest?)" I did not replied, as me too was frightened now!! But driving for 15 minutes, my sixth sense told me we are driving in wrong direction. There is none on the road to ask if this road going to Naugaon or not. So i stopped and after discussing, we decided to return. Fortunately after proceeding 4 Km, We noticed a board, I stopped and saw the direction of Yamunatri road written there in almost illegible ink. I decided to speed my car not more than 60 Kmph as nothing was visible ahead except the black asphalt road. My daughter decided to take a nap expanding the front seat and my wife seating behind anxiously, watching if her husband is truely approaching to the destination or approaching towards heaven/hell!!!!

At one point I again became confused, as the indication board was showing two direction, one is for Chakrata just 45 KM and other is towards Barkot 75 km, Yamunetri 105 Km.
Chakrata was also in my list of visiting place for some time too, but could not dared to travel because of the cause I described earlier. I rang to Rakesh at Purola, it was now 4/00 AM, after 3rd trial, he attended my phone giving me great relief, and guided me to drive towards Yamunetri.

I started our journey again. The windscreen now began to blur, and I understood, we are now perhaps at some higher altitude, I opened the windows, and within a second, all of us begun to shiver in cold. The dark asphalted road now seeming to me endless. As everything has end, the sky now began to clear after driving 1 hour more. I stopped in front of a small hut, an old man with full fledged woolen clothing emerging out from inside. "Saab do mint rukhiye, garm chaye banadunga. Sir, wait for two minutes, I shall provide you Hot tea". So refreshing, so refreshing. It was just like a boon from the heaven for us!! I need to arrive Hanol before 8 AM as Rakesh has already told me, there may be obstruction due to the festivities of Colour. The warmth of the morning tea, made me more lazy, I felt I should take a little nap, otherwise there may be some mishap as, driving in Hill with such dizziness is dangerous. I cornered my car by the side, as my wife is afraid of driving in hill. Stretched my seat and took a nap for 15 minutes. Later when I woke up my wife said that, she was surprised to see a human can sleep within a minute!!!! I was really tired, and it was very much necessary.

The road upto Naugaon is rough and dilapidated at some places. We found a herd lying over the road. Horn does not make them move, It is their place, so I must obey the rule of the land. My daughter took some snap. One goat seems to much interested to give us a pose to be photographed.


The fuel gauge indicator was telling we should refuel. Naugaon has a petrol pump. At Naugaon there is a road diverting towards Yamunotri upwards and the other towards Purola. To refil, I took the Yamunatri road which is 2 km away from the point of diversion for the road towards Purola. But with a great surprise, we saw the pump is closed due to the HOLI festival. Now I understood what really meant HOLI in these Hill. But it was also very surprising for me that there was not a single child was found throwing Abir or colour as we normally see in plain land.

Purola is picturesque town, mainly a valley of TONS river.

Tons Valley

The trees blooming with colourful flowers reminds us that it is Spring. The nature it self is playing the festival of Colour "HOLI".

My daughter and wife started singing the beautiful Rabindra sangeet, "Ore bhai phagun legeche bone bone" Meaning the forest has adored with varieties of colour, with the commencement of the spring...........
(See the original song at

My wife was reluctant to move without taking her snap with a Rhododendron flower. The nature is so crazy today.

Rhododendron is a big flower, with a very sweet red coloration. In Darjeeling Himalaya, it blooms with other sheds e.g. white and pink too. Here I noticed only sweet Magenta colour.

Near at Mori, some urchins with various clours over their bodies approached us asking " Uncle Holi ke din kahan ghum rahe ho??" Uncle in this auspicious day of Holi , where are you roaming?" But none threw a single pinch of Abir as we expected. These Hill children are still not acquainted with city culture not yet so called modernized, and  thus still so humble and simple. If we had been in Delhi or somewhere in the plain, I was sure they would not let us go without throwing drain water, garbage/wastage etc over our car in the name of playing Holi.

We are moving keeping TONS river on our right hand. The beauty of the road between Mori and Hanol is impossible to describe. Seemed that the almighty God has built these contour without any hurry.

Some crushing sound from the wheel. I stopped immediately, A smashed beer bottle. Must be the proof of some civilized(?) city dweller's presence.  We arrived at a junction point, one way is going downward and other Upward, I am again confused. Some children are playing with colours at some distance, I am still hesitating, should I ask them! Might be they will pour colour over me. But they came running towards us before we call. My Daughter and wife lifted up the window glass to protect themselves. I stood stall worth, as I am busy in cleaning the broken glass from my Tyre.  Surprising!! Uncle may we help you? what happened? I was overwhelmed!! They did not even put a drop of colour over us, although they already have bathed in colour, and their smiling faces,looking heavenly. They guided me about the rest house of Hanol, This place is Mori and the rest house at Hanol is 15 km more. The again returned to their initial place chirping among themselves.

Tons river, my wife is asking if we can have our bath in this river!!! The water is so clear and lesser current here. We stopped and came down to smell the wild fragrance of the virgin nature. Cute bells broke our meditation. Some mule/horse passing over the road with some loads over their back, the bells hanging from their neck creating a beautiful sound orchestrating the sound of the river.

I asked my daughter to take snap for us!

We are ascending again. The road goes piercing the forest.

The view of Tons river from the road.

We arrived the tourist lodge around 12.30 pm. A girl of about 20-25 years with a little boy on her lap, came out. But what she informed was sufficient enough to get a heart stroke!!! Her husband has gone out in the village and today there is no boarder, so the cook has taken leave!!!!

Hanol is a very small village, and on the way we did not found any shop opened as today is Holi. I looked at my daughter, her face is pale now like me. But wife is still smiling!!! I was surprised, from where  such saintly smile is coming to her face? 

I was really so tired, that I need some sleep with a simple bath. So I asked her to show me the room, where I can put our luggage and take a bath. 
As I completed shifting the luggage, my daughter entered laughing. Mom has managed!! How? Didi (Elder sister) has agreed to cook Roti and sabji for us!!!! I wished to give a vault on the bed. Seeing my wife, and the daughter, the girl reminded of her mom and sister. So she agreed to cook even she was carrying another baby in her womb!!!!

I realized God is great!!! May be my ugly blackish face with vagabond appearance made her distracted, but her motherly attitude along with love for mother/sister help her to forget everything. I realized why mothers are so great everywhere!! I was thinking about my eldest daughter who is almost of her age. (She is now doing her B. Tech at Mizoram University) If she had not been studying, obviously I would get her married and may be she would have been in this position as this girl right now!!

The ice cold water (Tourist lodge has no electric geyser) refreshed me and the lunch was so  so   so tasty I never shall forget. 

Some magnetic strips perhaps have been pasted with my eye lids, as i tried to keep it open, both of them are joining together. I have been struggling. I was just to get inside the blanket, when Tista (my daughter) ordered me, get ready, me and mom are going to see the MAHASU DEVTA (God MAHASU), for which we have came. Did we came here to take rest in the tourist lodge? 

No way to avoid the logic!! Its just a walking distance from the GMVN tourist lodge. So beautiful the temple. 

It is said, to be the place to which the Pandavs escaped from laksha griha (The house made of Resins prepared by the Kouravs, so that these Pandavs could be burnt alive) or the Lakhmandal on River Yamuna. The village is at an altitude of 1,050 m above Mediterranean Sea Level. on the left bank of River Tons earlier known as River Tamas (meaning short-tempered). No water can be drawn from it for irrigation purposes, because of its precipitous banks and deep gorges. It is for this reason the river is called Karam Nashini. According to the another tradition, the water of River Tons are the tears from the eyes of Bhubruvanan.

The legend tells when Bhagaban Krishna disappeared at the end of DwaparYuga the Pandavs followed him. They cross the River Tons. Yudhisthir was fascinated by the beauty of place and asked Vishwakarma to build a temple here and stay with Draupadi for nine days. The place subsequently came to known as Hanol, after the name of Huna Bhatt.
At the start of Kaliyuga demons wandered over earth devouring people and devastating villages. The greatest demon was Kirmir who had devoured all the seven sons of a pious-heart Brahmin named Huna Bhatt. Demon cast an evil eye and desired to have the "Kirtaka" wife of the Brahmin; she prayed to Lord Shiva to protect her chastity. Lord Shiva blinded Kirmir and thus she could run away to her husband. They then prayed to Hatkeshwari Devi of Hatkoti (ashtbhuji Durga) who advised the couple to go to the Kashmir mountains and offer prayer to Lord Shiva to help. They did, and Lord Shiva granted them their wish that all the evils will be killed shortly.
Huna Bhatt was told to go back to his home and perform certain rituals and worship devi. On doing so the shakti emerged from the ground with flames around and told Huna Bhatt to plough every Sunday a part of his field with a plough of solid silver with a shoe of pure gold having yoked a pair of bullocks who had never been put on yoke before. On the seventh Sunday the Mahasu brothers with their ministers and the army will come out and rid the people from the clutches of demon. Huna Bhatt did accordingly, but on sixth Sunday when he had turned on five furrows out of each sprang a deity from the first came Botha from second Pavasi, out of third Vasik and Chalda from the fourth one. All the brothers were called by a common affix of Mahasu (Char Mahasu). From the fifth furrow appeared their heavenly mother Devladli Devi and their ministers. Countless army sprang out like mushrooms from the field. Huna Bhatt did as directed and the whole army of the demon was killed by Mahasu brothers. Kirmir was taken by Chalda Devta in a ravine of Mount Khanda. The marks of his sword on the rock can be seen today.
During the absence of the Mahasu brothers, demon Keshi took control of Hanol. Chalda Devta and his warriors Shitkulia, Kaolu and others set out with the army to the mountains of Masmor where Keshi had gone. The demon was killed; Chalda Devta returned jubilantly to visit with his heroes the places named by him. He divided the country among the brothers so that they may rule their respective territory and guard against calamities of all the people who would worship them as god and perform jagara.
We found many goats are roaming on the  temple ground. People who pray to god for solution to their various problems, on achieving the goal, they offer goat in the name of the god and set them free which roam here without any fear. At one place we saw a special wooden shell kept as a shelter of these goats.

Wooden shelter for these goats.

Baba, oi spherical jinis gulo ki go? (Dad, what those sphere are for?) Tista asked me. I already have read about them in internet. It is told that only a person with genuine pious heart can lift these spherical stones. I was doubtful, if these are really stone, it looked me as if made of stainless steel (After such long time there is no stain nor the luster is lost!!!!!). I tried to lift, thinking myself a pious person, may be I had deceived my wife about my piousness!! LOL but my originality is known to god. Despite my full effort I just could roll it only a few centimeter. 

Iron (?) Stone balls used by Bhim for playing.

A view of Bandorpoonch range of Garwal Himalaya.

View of GMVN tourist lodge from back side road.

The scorching sun are not permitting us to stay long. We are about to leave the temple premise, with a wish to return at afternoon, suddenly a voice came from outside. Babu saab aap Bengali ho? (Sir, are you Bengali?) Mahua (my wife) and Tista (my daughter) began to look each other! Whats, wrong? LOL. The same question we faced last evening at the hotel. An elderly man of about 70 years or more came from other side of the temple. We stopped, Yes, we are, we are Bengali. Dekha maine tikh pahchan liya (Look, I detected rightly!!) throwing those words towards some other people sitting on the verandah of another wooden temple complex house. I understood that seeing only us in the temple complex, they have began to analyse, who these mad people may be!! LOL. Being assured that he has won in the debate, he offered us tea, at his residence, just by the side. He introduced himself as the committee member of the temple trust. Mahua and Tista, did not wanted to go with an unknown person's home at this scorching heat, thinking, may be there is no AC. It was a beautiful old wooden house, completely made as per the traditional way.  His wife aged about 70 too greeted us. She took us inside their room. The couple has two children, who are staying away from them because of their job. One of them is in Delhi. (He suggested to stay with them in their home nearby.)

The old man is Pandit Mayaram (Mobile No. 7579245804) vanished inside the kitchen to prepare tea, despite, we urged not to take any. Ultimately, his wife came into rescue. She told him, it is very hotday, so we should better eat some orange. The old man instantly vanished with the tea cups and brought some oranges.

The room inside was very simple and cool indeed. The wooden wall, and structure made it weather proof, as well as earth quake resistant.

I was very tired, and wanted to sleep. So I asked him to excuse us for this time and will return again in the evening. I understood what is the difference between, us and these simple people of hill. It is true hospitality, I came to understand, what is called relationship. 

Without any hesitation, he took my cell phone number, so that he can call me again. This is the difference, between a polished civilized man and an actual Human.

As soon as I got the contact of the soft bed, I lost all my sense. We all slept for two hours, a knock at the door woke me up. The caretaker boy Ankit has returned, as was advised, his wife, told  him to talk to me. He too is very young, just 23 or 25. And handsome, a little shy kid in his lap smiling. Uncle raat ko cook ayega. (Uncle, cook will arrive in the evening). Tista asking for a chicken curry. Okay take 2 KG of chicken then, I had the intention to compensate the lunch, which the little girl (Caretaker's wife) had served. 

The rays of setting sun now directly beaming over the balcony of the room. Tista is trying to take a close up of a Blue tailed Magpie. Baba dakho lej ta kotto boro!! (Dad see!! How long the tail of the bird.) As I came the bird flew away, perhaps was not willing to see me.

Mahua is ready in Salwar, Tista with Camera!! She wants to arrest Blue Tailed Magpie in Camera. We need to talk to Tandra my eldest daughter (Who is in Mizoram). But the Airtel signal Zero. MTNL is full, I forgot to recharge before arriving here, as I had misconception that Airtel has the finest coverage anywhere in India, forgetting Tandra's advice (She is now accustomed with the Hill area) to recharge MTNL/BSNL before moving to Hill station. Ankit the caretaker told me, we can have the Airtel network signal if we proceed a 2 Km away from the guest house.

The trick helped us. Mahua is now relaxed as she could talked to her daughter, Tista is happy to describe how the Blue tailed Magpie flew away seeing me at the Balcony. But soon the network vanished again. After a few more trial, we left the hope. A funeral ground, by the side of the road. Usually, Hindu Funeral grounds exists by the side of river every where in India. But I was surprised why such a place at such a height, though the river flowing beneath!! Mahua and Tista pressing me to return to tourist lodge as darkness approaching and may be some Ghost roaming nearby this funeral ground!!! Baba, we have seen a hanging bridge over the river just before entering the Hanol village. Yes, I remembered, but could not assess how far it may be. 
A beautiful village house with pink flowered tree, over the Temple attracted our attention. We followed the narrow walking path upwards. An young man was speaking to someone over the cellphone. May we take a snap of your apple tree? Sure!! the man replied keeping aside his phone, and being astonished to see us. A small field where onion has been cultivated, and on the other side there is a cowshed. Cows mooing from there. The cool breeze welcomed us.

Apple flower blossom.

View of Mahasu Devta Temple from the Hanol village

Walk fast or it will be hard to see the bridge. We began to descend. Crossing the Temple, a concrete road going downwards. Some tea stall are seen, villagers have gathered perhaps for their evening tea with gossip among them. We decided to leave the evening tea, and proceed. The scenery of the surrounding making us late. Which ever direction you look, it is impossible to move without staying a few minutes.

 Colorful houses and other temples on the other bank of the river Tons.

River TONS at its full strength

The suspension bridge over Tons.

The name should have been swinging bridge. Mahua & Tista caughted me in such a way, we three almost going to dropped from the bridge. With a great effort, I managed to pacify them and crossed the bridge. 

The name of the Village is Thadiyar. It is almost dark, some people sitting on the open varandah, of a small house. There are some temporary construction of plastic sheet roofed house a little far away, by the side of the river, where some youngsters are shouting. Seemed us, they are not local people, must be workers from outside this state, may be under the influence of alcohol. Our polished civilized sense began to cry foul. After proceeding a few yards, we decided to return. An woman emerged from the darkness from the hut, we just have crossed, "Aap log kiyun wapas aye? An old man too joined in the querry" (Why you returned?) Our explanation, could not made them satisfy. A man of my age proceeded and asked us follow me, I shall take you to the temple.  No need to worry, Hill people never assault guests, it is our disgrace, if you return without seeing Lord Shiva. Those youngsters, are actually some migrated people from Nepal. I recalled the fact that Nepal had gone under a massive earth quake a few time ago, resulting thousands dead, many homeless, jobless. Perhaps they have came here to earn their bread, and may be after whole day hard work, they may be relaxing shouting or talking with each other in loud voice. Actually, the sound the river was so high, that one should speak in loud voice to make it audible. The man showed us way to Temple oa Pavasi Devta (God) in the twilight illuminated pathways. This is my house, and she is my wife. Two boys almost of eldest daughter's age came out from the house and touched our feet to show their respect. They are my sons, one is studying at Tiuni College (Tiuni is a very small place, 15 Km away from here!!!!), and other now at school level.

Pavasi Devta temple is the second brother of Mahasu Devta. 
The temple is almost closed, but the pujari (Priest) seeing us, and knowing that we are coming from far, he, just opened the subsidiary door. The wooden cravings, with original silver sheet covering the main door, was marvelous. 

It was almost dark, and we are aware, what darkness in Hill means. We again found those people at the entry point of the Village Thadiyar. The man who took us with him to see the temple again insisted his son to accompany us till crossing the river. Crossing the river I told Mahua and Tista, that the bridge is made of some iron plates, fixed by some bolts over iron railings hanging from iron rope, and at some places some bolts were missing. Oh! my lord, if you had told this, before perhaps, we would not cross it, Tista replied in a shivering voice.
We saw the silhouetted bridge, disappearing quickly in the darkness.

We speed up our walking, so that we could reach the tourist lodge, before the complete darkness engulfs. In the hill, after darkness, rarely peoples comes out of their houses, but near the Temple complex some, Nepalese shop keeper mostly tea stall or small hotel for dining, are preparing to close their shop.

We arrived at the tourist lodge, welcomed by Ankit with a candle and match box!! The voltage is too low. Although there was no necessity for incandescence. A good news too. The cook has arrived. We asked them to cook chicken curry for us, but unfortunately, it was not available as today is holiday. But the Hot Ruti, boiled rice, Potato-Pea-tomato curry, and Daal (Lentil soup), in candle light, added extra flavor to our beautiful journey. The hospitality, and the keenness, is incomparable to any place, we ever have seen. They never let us feel, that we are some unknown people and came here just as tourist, a complete homely atmosphere.

Ankit told us not to switch on the lamp of the bathroom, without necessity, or we will not be able to recharge our Cellphone or Camera!! The wiring is faulty, and there is hardly any headache for the GMVN authority to rectify.

Mahua warned us use zipper, for all the baggages, as keeping any open, may lead us, carrying away some snake with us to Delhi!!

Mahua needs to talk to Tandra at Aizwal, as per her daily routine, but no Airtel network. BSNL signal is full, but it is having only Rs. 3 left now. I decided to top up the balance using net banking, yes internet is working fine. Despite deduction of top up amount through internet banking, MTNL did not top up the balance, and I was helpless. MTNL even did not arranged to refund the same despite expiry of 5 days, till I made a complaint through email.

I can not recall when I slipped in to deep sleep, hearing the song of the river Tons and thinking about the possibility of carriage of snake.

The chirping of birds outside the balcony, make me awake. 6/30 AM now, I came out from the bed to see the morning beauty of the Tons, with my half sleeve thin cotton undergarment, and instantly returned, closing the door of the balcony, so chilling wind!! Where is my toothbrush? I am hesitating to open the zipper of the bag, may be some angry snake waiting for me!!!! Thinking encircling the bag, which may be the safe side!!

Mahua came to my rescue, and handed me the toothbrush, taking it out from the bag. Ankit is knocking the door, "Uncle gram cha !!" Uncle here is the hot tea for you!! We got heaven on our hand!!!! It is really impossible to describe the hospitality and honesty of these hill peoples. Ankit brought a bucket full of warm water for our bathing.

Mahua is pressing for going to Yamunetri, but Tista wants to return, as she has vomiting tendency. We decided not to take breakfast here for the same reason.

About to leave tourist Lodge

Ankit with his little son

The view of suspension bridge from the road

The beauty of the road was indescribable, it is very difficult to narrate. I am putting some photographs in lieu.

Blue tailed  Magpie

Little break at a road side hotel at Mori village.

Waiting for the arrival of the Hot ruti and Sabji!!

Todays Breakfast

Watching the making of Ruti in Nepali style!!

Wish to Visit Mori again some day.

A government tourist lodge is available just behind this Forest check Post, but the hotel owner said, this is only for the Uttarakhand Government officials. 
We are now full of energy with the hot and fresh breakfast and chatting with the hotel owner lady. From here we have a ascending of about 6000 mt. Soon we arrived the same spot where Mahua took several snap of the Rhododendron.  Beautiful location full of serenity. 

Although the road is almost smooth, but at several place repairing works are going on. After crossing Vikash Nagar, I confused at a junction. I stopped beside a motorcyclist almost of my age, Sir can you guide me for Karnal? The reply came WHAAAAT?" I was surprised, starring towards Mahua and Tista if I had commited any mistake!!  I reiterated the word. Oh! Karnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal? I got a relief, at last he could understood. Yes, go to the straight after two red lights turn left............Next time I never made the mistake uttering Karnaaaaaaaaaaaal.   We arrived at Yamuna Bridge when the sun is about to set. We found vendors selling Strawberry.

The qualities of these strawberry are very good and juicy, in comparison to those which are sold in Delhi markets. After bargaining we could purchase them @ Rs. 100/- per Kilogram.

At the entrance of Paonta Sabib, we stopped at a fresh fish shop where we purchased rotten !!!! fish @ Rs. 250/- Kilo.

We arrived our residence around 9 PM.

Road Direction: Delhi - Panipat - Karnaaaaaaaaaaaal - Yamuna Nagar - Paonta Sahib - Vikash Nagar (Just crossing Vikash Nagar around 3 - 4 Km turn Right taking the Yamunotri Highway) - Nao Gaon - Mori - Hanol.

Km: 485 Km. There are several Indian Oil Petrol Pump enroute., but be sure, the day when you are travelling are not holiday!!!

Staying Place: At Vikash Nagar, there are several hotels, but who wants privacy and peaceful environment, I suggest to stay at least one night at Kalindi Hotel.
At Hanol, you can stay at GMVN tourist lodge and before you can contact Ankit, or Mr. Pandit.